The Death and Afterlife of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Vampires have never felt themselves restricted to one mere genre, let alone a single form of media. Aside from the thousands of novels in more than a dozen genres (and even more combinations of genres), vampire tales are told through film, television, animation, comics and graphic novels, music, and even theatre. (Although if you listened to our first episode you’re already well aware of how well that last form of media does.)

The undead are even part of the ever-growing multi-billion dollar industry that is gaming. They’ve been featured in platformers like Castlevania, point-and-click adventures like Dracula: Origins, and modern action role-playing games such as Vampyr. There’s even Dracula Unleashed, a 1993 full motion video game where you play as a Texan businessman who has come to London in 1899 to find the truth surrounding the mystery of his brother Quincy’s death.

But those aren’t the games I’m talking about in this episode. Instead I’m talking about the cult classic RPG that really should have died not long after it was released, but with the aid of a group of devoted followers refused to meet its final death.

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Character Dialogue Featured

  • Bertram Tung (Dee Bradley Baker)
  • Gary Golden (Neil Ross)
  • Jeanette Voerman (Grey Griffen)
  • Prince Sebastian LaCroix (Andy Milder)
  • Smiling Jack (John Dimaggio)
  • Cabbie (André Sogliuzzo)
  • David Hatter (Fred Tatasciore)

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