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We’re Back – And It’s Fangtastic!

Vampires never die.

And neither does our love for them. Several years after our last episode as The Bloodsucking Feminists, Kayleigh Donaldson and Catherine Slavova – your favourite Scottish-Kiwi fang-girl duo – are back with a new podcast series: Fangthology.

Where The Bloodsucking Feminists was a long, unscripted review podcast, Fangthology features shorter and scripted episodes of various vampire miscellany. Whether it’s Broadway bombs or bootleg novels, cult classic video games or what Wellington continues to do in the shadows, we want to take a look at it.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, subscribe to the podcast and follow us on twitter and instagram. You’ll get updates on episodes as well as various other vampiric miscellany and trivia.

Until then, as we used to say: don’t let the vampires bite. At least, not without permission.