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Halloween Special 2021: The Dracula Thirst-Rankings

Ever wondered what Kayleigh and Catherine sound like without a script? Well, listen in as we finally do our ranking of the most attractive Draculas.

Quality of text and faithfulness of adaptation is not a factor. We’re completely shallow here.

Want to play along as you listen? Use the Tiermaker we made and used during the recording of this ep.

Lord Byron and the Vampire Myth

Lord Byron, the peer, poet, and great social animal, was one of the leading writers of the Romantic movement and maybe its most notorious. While his poetry remains influential and popular, it is his legend that has taken greater root in the mainstream imagination. He’s influenced everything from poetry to cinema to fashion and beyond. He’s also a key figure in the evolution of the pop-culture vampire myth.

Not to mention an epic-level douchebag.

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The Brief and Fascinating Life of Lestat: The Musical

We introduced our podcast to the world of the living and undead with a deep-dive into Dance of the Vampires, one of Broadway theatre’s most notorious musical flops. That show will forever stand tall as one of the industry’s costliest errors, a mish-mash of bad ideas, micromanagement issues, and clashing egos that turned a beloved European hit into the laughing stock of New York City. Dance of the Vampires would also go on to become example number one as to why vampire musicals don’t work on the stage, at least in the English language. Of course, that didn’t stop people from giving it another try. Dance of the Vampires was based on an obscure Roman Polanski movie, one that didn’t exactly come with a lot of name brand recognition. As Broadway moved more towards familiar properties for adaptation purposes, from The Lion King to The Producers to Monty Python’s Spamalot, it made sense to stick to what audiences knew. And if you’re that set on making a vampire musical, why not take on one of the most iconic vampires in literary history? Not that one, although he does have his fair share of musical ventures. The other one. Lestat.

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