This is Fangthology, a podcast dedicated to obsessively covering the myriad aspects of vampires throughout pop culture hosted by Kayleigh Donaldson and Catherine Slavova.

Both of us are great lovers of vampire fiction, vampire mythology, and the long-reaching impact of the vampire archetype on culture as a whole. Our friendship formed in large part thanks to our mutual interest in the topic, and over the years, it has only grown stronger. We wanted to create something that gave us an opportunity to delve into some of the more specific and unexplored elements of vampires in the arts of the past two centuries or so, and the end result is Fangthology. 

Every episode, we will delve into a story about a piece of vampire-related pop culture that you may not be familiar with, and offer a detailed study of its secrets, its peculiarities, and all the reasons why it matters. Vampires are one of the greatest metaphors we have for examining what makes us human, and we want to celebrate that by looking at the stories that may have passed you by. 

About Kayleigh

Kayleigh is a full-time pop culture writer and critic based in Dundee, Scotland. You can find her work on sites like Pajiba, SYFY, Uproxx, IGN, and many more. Her favourite book is Dracula, her favourite vampire movie Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and her favourite vampire musical… not the Dracula ones. 

About Catherine

Catherine is not quite sure just how many copies of Dracula she owns, but is certain that only one of them is secretly a purse. By day she works as a library assistant; the rest of the time she games and works on her dark academia vampire novel.

A resident of the supernatural capital of New Zealand, Catherine has had several encounters with the subjects of local documentary What We Do In The Shadows, including Deacon Brücke, Petyr, and Officers O’Leary and Minogue.

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